Brave group establishes new subsidiaries in Thailand and China, making the total number of newly made overseas offices in 2023 to five in four countries.

The number of offices worldwide now reaches 10 in 5 countries.

Brave group Inc. has established local subsidiaries in Thailand and China, following the U.K. and U.S. Our overseas expansion in 2023 has increased in four countries and five offices, bringing Brave group’s global network to five countries and ten locations, including those in Japan.


Background of Our Global Expansion

Brave group’s purpose is “Japanese Adventure. World Wide Romance”, with the mission to “Strike Wonder in 8 Billion Hearts”. With this purpose and mission in mind, Brave group has been working on IP businesses such as the next generation Virtual esports project “VSPO!” (*1) and the virtual music label “RIOT MUSIC” (*2), the platform business which operates “ME CAMPUS (*3)” , a virtual school city, and the esports business, which produces the esports school “CR Gaming School(*4)”. We intend to work on further business fields such as XR business, DX business and incubation businesses.

This year, in order to accelerate the global expansion of our business, we established overseas corporations in four countries, held global auditions targeting the English-speaking, Chinese-speaking, and European markets, and launched several overseas projects, with a total of 20 overseas VTubers debuting, including those from existing projects.

*1) VSPO!:
*4) CR Gaming School:

The VTuber market is currently expanding both domestically and internationally, and the number of overseas production companies and individual talents is increasing one after another.
Brave group believes that it is important for local staff and casts to work closely together to create businesses while experiencing firsthand the unique local culture and customs.


The establishment of Corporations in Bangkok, Thailand and Shenzhen, China

In November 2023, Brave group APAC (Thailand) was established in Bangkok, Thailand, and in December 2023, Brave group China was established in Shenzhen, China.
In addition to English-speaking and European countries, we will start focusing more on business development in the Asian region.

Thailand Corporation Info
Company Name: Brave group APAC(Thailand)Co.,Ltd.
Date of Establishment: November 30th, 2023
Board Members
– Managing Director: Jun Funabashi
– Director: Tuyoshi Hanzawa, Yasuhiro Horiguchi, Yu Yamazaki
Address: No.65, 42 Tower, 5th Floor, Room 501, Soi Sukhumvit 42 (Kluaynamthai), Sukhumvit Rd., Prakanong, Klongtoey, Bangkok

China Corporation Info
Company Name: Brave group China
Date of Establishment: December 6th, 2023
Board Members
– Chairman:
 Jun Funabashi
– Director: Keisuke Takemoto, Masaru Yamazaki
– Supervisor: Yasumasa Kosugi
Address: Nanshan District, Shenzhen City, China


The Establishment of the Corporation in San Francisco, U.S.A. and a Motion Capture Studio in Los Angeles, U.S.A

In March 2023, Brave group US Inc. was established in San Francisco, U.S.A.. As the first of its local operations, Brave group launched “V4Mirai”(, the first VTuber project specialized for English-speaking countries, with six VTubers currently active in the project.Brave group US also operates an e-commerce store “Brave group US Official Store”( and “Oshi Live”(, a business that enables real-time communication between VTubers and fans.


The Establishment of the Corporation in London, U.K.

In March 2023, we established a local subsidiary, Brave group Europe Limited, in London, England.
We are the first Japanese company(*) to develop a multilingual VTuber project “globie” ( in the European region, and currently have 7 VTubers active in the project.

(*)As of June 1st, 2023, based on in-house research conducted mainly on the YouTube platform.


Seven New VTubers Debut from “MUGEN LIVE” in 2023

Eight members debuted this year from “MUGEN LIVE”(, a multilingual VTuber project that delivers new enthusiasm to people around the world under the vision of “Limited Time, Limitless Enthusiasm”, with a total of 11 members and over 1.3 million followers. 7 new members joined the project in this year. In July 2023, “MUGEN LIVE” hosted the VTuber esports event “VUP「超」協力赛!Season 1 ver. Apex Legends” (, followed by “VUP「超」協力賽!Season 2 ver. Valorant” ( in December.


Comment from Representative of Brave group APAC / Brave group China Jun Funabashi

This year, we have taken a very aggressive global expansion by establishing offices in the UK, the US, Thailand, and China.
We believe that it is meaningless to just establish a company or a business and do nothing, so we will take action and do our best to embody our vision “A Symphony of Innovations, Pioneering a Brighter Tomorrow”.


Comment from Keito Noguchi, Representative Director of Brave group Inc.

With the establishment of the Thailand and the China subsidiary, Brave group now has 15 group companies.
I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Director Funabashi, the Human Resources Division who conducted recruitment under him, the Business Administration Division, Public Relations Office, CFO Office, and Sales Planning Division who supported our rapid expansion, and the Corporate Growth Division who supported our global expansion.
Thanks to them, we have been able to continue to integrate management and create new businesses despite our size and start-up status.
In 2023, we have laid the foundation for the 0 → 1 phase, so we will push forward as a united company to make a leap forward from 1 → 10 → 100 in 2024.



As of December 1st, 2023, Brave group has 253 employees (a 222.4% increase from the previous year) and 15 companies. As we keep expanding our organization as we diversify our business and services, we are actively recruiting new talents.
Please refer to the page below for the currently open positions.